馃敶馃嵒Season finale: Minimizing our YouTube Quota usage and do some reminiscing 路 #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

We have been using YouTube's search endpoint, it's very expensive. 100 quotas per hit. Let's refactor it to use the playlistItems and videos endpoint at 1 quota per hit. 

It's also the season finale, meaning we'll probably take some trips down memory lane...

We hope to see you back here August 8th! 

If you would like to have fun learning Gatsby Functions with us this summer check out


Pirate Paul 路 @PaulieScanlon 路 
Pirate Ola 路 @OlaHolstVea 路 
Pirate Agatha 路 @ja_gatka 路 
Queen Raae 路 @raae 路


Part of "Gatsby Deep Dives with Queen Raae and the Nattermob Pirates":


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