馃敶馃嵒 HTML Marquee Element 馃あ -- Are we live? for our #Nattermob site 路 #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

Queen Raae wants an obnoxious blinking "we are live" component on the site... 

Pirate Paul is begrudgingly complying after trying to get out of it by saying the marquee element is deprecated but turns out it is still supported by all browsers:

Pirate Agatha will make sure we obey the visitors' "reduce motion" setting.


Pirate Paul 路 @PaulieScanlon 路 
Pirate Ola 路 @OlaHolstVea 路 
Pirate Agatha 路 @ja_gatka 路 
Queen Raae 路 @raae 路


Part of "Gatsby Deep Dives with Queen Raae and the Nattermob Pirates":


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