🔴 🏴‍☠️ Finally! Styles incoming · #Tailwind · #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Finally! Styles incoming · #Tailwind · #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

What?!?! We're adding styles, with Tailwind!

Want to help out, check out the repo and grab an issue/component and style away :D

Next week Kyle Mathews, founder of Gatsby, will be with us. If you have any questions add them to the discussion (

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Pirate Paul · @PaulieScanlon · Pirate Ola · @OlaHolstVea · Queen Raae · @raae ·

Part of "Gatsby Deep Dives with Queen Raae and the Nattermob Pirates":

The code on Github:

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