馃敶馃嵒 Trigger rebuilds on a schedule using GitHub Actions with Jason Lengstorf 路 #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

Let's make sure our #Nattermob site rebuilds on a set schedule so it's always up to date with Queen Raae's latest title changes, and maybe more importantly newly added videos.

To make this happen Pirate Paul has explored how to trigger builds on a schedule using GitHub Actions to ping our Gatsby Cloud Webhooks.

00:00 Intro + Code today's task
33:53 Jason gets interviewed by Ola Vea
50:57 Jason plugs Netlify Collaborative Deploy Previews
1:06:45 the GitHub action finally triggers 馃槄


Pirate Jason 路 @jlengstorf 路
Pirate Paul 路 @PaulieScanlon 路
Pirate Ola 路 @OlaHolstVea 路
Queen Raae 路 @raae 路


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